Nervous about sugar levels in the yoghurts you offer your kids? Me too.

I offered my babies natural yoghurt from the very start. They had no clue other, far sweeter yoghurts existed until they experienced them at Grandparents’ houses and play dates. It was no big deal for me at that point. Like I always say, I try to offer good food at home and am quite relaxed about what they have elsewhere.

Yoghurt is insanely messy! Get the wet wipes at the ready if you’re offering it to babies! But there are ways you can minimise the mess: I love @fage Total yoghurt. It’s thicker than most and is the lowest in sugar I could find on the market. Being so thick, it won’t spread and splat anywhere near as much and can give a baby amazing self-feeding practise. Also – try to only offer yoghurt before bath time. ‘Nuff said.

If you’ve got older children and you’d love to make a switch to a less sugary yoghurt without a whopping meltdown, why not try adding squished fruits, a small splodge of honey or some agave syrup? There are so many tasty ways you can sweeten up it up – plus you can reduce the amount of sweetness week by week as they get used to the change.

This pic is Total yoghurt, a teaspoon of almond butter and a teaspoon of agave syrup. The almond butter was inspired by Charlotte Stirling-Reed popping it in her son, Raffy’s porridge. Reminded me that I haven’t bought it in ages!