Get yourself out of the teatime rut…

Based in your own home, Alex will present a 2-hour workshop teaching you and a group of your friends how to meal plan for the week and make yourself the King or Queen of the Kitchen so that you can feed your family food from scratch without pulling your hair out. You’ll save time, money and improve your sanity no-end! Contact Alex to set up a date to host in your home.


"I hosted a Feed the Brood workshop with 5 friends. The workshop was very informative but also a fun relaxed experience. Alex is passionate about feeding her family with nutritious meals whilst streamlining the whole experience by using clever online food shops and meal planning. Although I have been trying to feed our girls well I was stuck in a rut particularly for after school snacks and week night meals. I feel inspired to improve variety and try new recipes since following Alex's principles. She gave us great advice for watching out for hidden sugar and salt. I also found her tips for using online shopping really useful. Although I have been doing online food shopping for some time she showed us some neat ways to create shopping lists to save time.. The workshop was reassuring and would support any parent trying to get out of a food groundhog day. Thanks for all your help Alex xx" Jo, Mum of two girls aged 5 and 2

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