Weaning onto solid foods starts at 6 months, so getting clued up from the 4-month mark is a great way to start your baby’s journey with food.

There is no better person to learn weaning from than the award-winning dietician who wrote the nutritional content for Annabel Karmel’s latest Weaning book! Sarah Almond-Bushell is a true expert when it comes to the nutrition of weaning and not only that, she has practical experience as a mum of two herself.

This 4-hour masterclass is co-hosted by Alex and Sarah in a luxury hotel with lunch, goodie bags and all the conveniences you require for your baby. You can enjoy a relaxing day with your little one whilst gaining a wealth of information and support to get your baby off to the best possible start in life.

"The Weaning Masterclass was the perfect introduction to weaning and covered everything I needed to know from nutrition to meal ideas, from bibs to high chairs and cutlery. Alex brings a refreshing energy and loads of practical tips - all from the perspective of a busy mum and trained nutritionist. I felt confident and excited to start the weaning process and the follow up support was brilliant. A must have for every mum!" Clare, Surrey