T R I P S  N O T  G I F T S // Have you finished the Christmas shopping yet? No, me neither… I’ve barely even started.

As a follow on to Alex Beard’s clever Christmas top tip about clearing out toys throughout December to make space for new ones arriving on Christmas Day, I thought I’d continue the theme of presents and explain the 'Trips not Gifts' policy we have adopted over the last few years. It’s helped us combat the guilty feeling that our kids have too much ‘stuff’ and gives us something to look forward to as a family.

Now I must say that this isn’t always successful, as we still owe many friends and children trips out (simply because diaries haven’t aligned) but the intention is always there to try to give tickets to something so that they can spend some lovely time together both in celebration of a birthday or Christmas. And it’s perfectly possible that we’ll meet up for the activity take place, so it can be a great way to share some time together too - the greatest gift of all!

So, what is 'Trips not Gifts'?

Well, it’s simply buying someone tickets/entry to an experience of some sort. It can be super expensive at times, but there are plenty of theatre shows and vouchers you can get hold of for under £20, it’s just a matter of looking in the right places.

Here are some amazing ideas that my Feed the Brood followers suggested when I asked them:


Trip to a castle/landmark

Theatre trip

Cinema vouchers


Arcade games

Shopping trip

Be a zoo keeper for a day

Rock climbing

Horse riding lesson

Aquarium trip

Zoo trip

Ice skating

Pottery Class

Calligraphy lesson


Lino printing workshop

So, if it's more than enough to drive you batty trying to get out to the shops and think of some things to wrap in pretty paper and cart to the post office to send to the ones you love, why not give Trips not Gifts a second thought. It's a great alternative to buying more 'stuff'.