Tiddlers get grumpy if you don’t keep them fed! And when making the transition from milk to food, you’ll start to give them snacks. I recommend a 10.30am and 3pm sort of time schedule to keep the hunger grumps at bay!

My dentist is quite insistent that snacks shouldn’t just be fruit, so when I give my children fruit, it’s usually accompanied by savoury snacks and something alkaline like cheese which will reduce the acid attack on their teeth from the sugar in the fruit.

I have a bit of a hatred for packaged snacks – especially those marketed for babies and children. I’m the Tupperware Queen! So I have two categories of snack here:

  • No Prep – for the busy frantic moments in life


  • Preprep – when you have 5 mins to whip up a pot or┬áplate of wholesome snacks

No prep snacks

  • unsalted rice cakes
  • mini breadsticks
  • crackers
  • bananas
  • pitta

Preprep snacks

  • hummus pot with crudites
  • cream cheese/hummus on bagel/toast/bread/roll/ricecake
  • cheese cubes
  • savoury muffins
  • sausages
  • chicken kebab
  • kabanos
  • fruit