MASTERPLAN WEEK 4 Serves 4-6315TANDOORI SALMON FEASTThis dish came about when my step-mum gave me a kilo bag of tandoori spice and I had no idea what to do with it. She used it for chicken on the barbie, so I started using it for that and tried it out with fish. It goes brilliantly … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 4 Serves 10464SLOW COOKED VEGGIE TAGINEThis starts out a bit plain, but when you layer feta and pine nuts on top, you’ve got a delicious stew that will stun even the most sceptical of veggie haters. Again, if you fancy cooking the quinoa yourself, please do, but remember to allow the cooking time … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 4 Serves 10330MEATLOAFLike a bat outta hell, I’ll be gone when the morning comes! No, but seriously, this is such an amazing dish that is bound to make it in your top five! It’s definitely a labour of love, but I have one key piece of advice for you: keep the portion for … Read More