Serves 4-6345TUNA ARRABIATAHow to jazz up tuna pasta? It’s all about the garlic and lemon. And if you’re a chilli lover like me, add some chilli oil to the table for a proper nose-blowing extravaganza afterwards! 12 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientspasta (90g uncooked per adult, 50g per child)2 tbsp olive oil100g frozen onion50g … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 2 Serves 10243HARISSA BEEF TAGINEThis dish is slow cooked, so make sure you’re on it in the morning to get it all on before you head out. What I love about this dish is the depth of flavour considering how little time you have to put the preparation! Be mindful of the spice … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 2 Serves 10373LAMB KEEMATo my surprise, this has been one of my most popular meals online. I think it might be because it’s shares qualities from the beloved spag bol and the UK’s favourite dish, the curry. And the best thing about this dish is that you can cook up a double batch … Read More