Quick and easy to make, you’ll wonder why you ever bought them! We love them with curry or tagine in our house, and you can whip up a batch to make a quick wrap or burrito if you fancy something fusion. Alex Thurman – Feed the Brood 6-8 flatbreadsServes 6-8Flatbreads5 minPrep Time 10 minCook Time … Read More

Quick Bean Wrap

No matter how bare the cupboards are, I always seem to be able to whip up something from the South American style of cooking. This quick bean wrap is made with my favourite beans, the black bean, but you could substitute any kind of bean. In fact, you can mix any of these ingredients up … Read More

TEST – Monday Night Lentil Pie

So-called because you top it with leftover roast potatoes from the weekend. I made this alongside a beef cottage pie and it was already so tasty. I’m hoping you testers can suggest a few changes to get the lentils banging. Then I’ll think of something witty to say in the forenote. Alex Thurman – Feed … Read More


Quesadillas (pronounced ke-sa-dee-as) are the most perfect fast food. Bung inside whatever you have lurking around in your fridge or freezer. The only ingredient you MUST have is cheese, please. Alex Thurman – Feed the Brood Quesadillas5 minPrep Time 5 minCook Time 10 min Save Recipe Print Recipe IngredientsWraps200g cheddar cheese, gratedVegetables galore – dry … Read More

Vegan Quinoa Chilli

Inspired by something I saw online, I’ve been meaning to create a vegan chilli for a while now. It seems that quinoa not only behaves well when slow-cooked, but is the perfect texture to bulk out a spicy bean dish such as a chilli. We often have friends and family over for birthday parties that … Read More

TEST – Vegan fish finger alternative

I took the kids away during half term and ended up on a very low-veg diet. I had proper cravings that a banana and a satsuma just couldn’t fix and I realised how much I take my veg intake for granted. I returned home with an instinctive urge to serve 2 or 3 different veggies … Read More

Aubergine and Chickpea Curry

Cor blimey I love a curry and this did not disappoint. It was super mild, so if you’re looking for heat, inject some chilli to your own taste for you spice lovers. I added homemade naan, cheeky little poppadoms to help the kids get enthusiastic, paneer for my cheese-loving husband and roasted chicken thighs for … Read More

Easy Biryani

Always on the lookout for veggie recipes that don’t compromise on flavour? Biryani is a no brainier. Being a fan of lots of washing up, I added roasted curried salmon and curried smoked tofu so that there was something on the table for everyone. I try to include salmon in our menu once a week … Read More

SB – Kale and quinoa salad

Simply Balanced Serves Serves 4-61298SB – Kale and quinoa saladPrepared in under 10 minutes, this simple quinoa salad will feel like a fabulous feast!10 minCook Time 10 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients1 tbsp olive oil100g frozen onion or 1 large onion50g frozen garlic or 2 cloves fresh garlic250g ready to eat red and white … Read More