Porridge Fingers

Tiny little baby hands need a solid lump to pick up, so drying out porridge to make little bars of wholesome goodness is the genius way to overcome the problem! I am on a mission to waste as little as possible and cut down the airmiles of our food, so I always freeze any bananas … Read More

Fish pie with squash topping

Perfect fodder on a rainy day! Smoked basa, salmon, tiny prawns, white sauce with onions, garlic & a tiny pinch of smoked paprika topped with roasted squash mash and cheddar cheese. Tell me that’s not a delicious delivery of goodness right there! My workload has just cranked up a notch as my husband and I … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 8 Serves 4-6225ZAATAR SALMON TRAYBAKEI discovered Zaatar when I was cruising the spice section in my online shop and decided I liked the sound of sesame seeds and oregano together. So my first experiment with it was on a salmon traybake and the rest is history! It’s delicious! I’m using tinned new potatoes … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 7 Serves 10284CHICKEN TRAYBAKEChicken traybake is the totem meal for Feed the Brood. It’s the perfect family meal! You can add anything you fancy into a chicken traybake and it will always turn out lush. I’ve added chorizo to this one, so it has a tasty spice to it. I get the mild … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 3 Serves 10231HONEY AND MUSTARD CHICKEN TRAYBAKESweet and sticky chicken served with a hot baguette on the side feels like a French treat of epic proportions. And here we are on a weekday snaffling away as if we’re on holiday. You might even want to crack out the wine if you’re feeling the … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 1 Serves Serves 10605SAUSAGE & SWEET POTATO TRAYBAKEAdding poached eggs to this traybake is the magic touch that creates a sauce and much needed lubrication! You may find that younger children aren’t keen on the eggs, and that’s fine, as it’s an added extra. When this dish freezes, the vegetables will break down … Read More