Quesadillas (pronounced ke-sa-dee-as) are the most perfect fast food. Bung inside whatever you have lurking around in your fridge or freezer. The only ingredient you MUST have is cheese, please. Alex Thurman – Feed the Brood Quesadillas5 minPrep Time 5 minCook Time 10 min Save Recipe Print Recipe IngredientsWraps200g cheddar cheese, gratedVegetables galore – dry … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 8 Serves 4-6225ZAATAR SALMON TRAYBAKEI discovered Zaatar when I was cruising the spice section in my online shop and decided I liked the sound of sesame seeds and oregano together. So my first experiment with it was on a salmon traybake and the rest is history! It’s delicious! I’m using tinned new potatoes … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 7 Serves 4-6318SARDINE FISHCAKESTinned sardines are an acquired taste, but in these fishcakes, they will win everyone over. You’ll be surprised at how little else is needed to accompany these badboys, but they’re like a complete meal in one fistful! And cheap as chips too! You’re welcome 🙂 20 min Save Recipe Print … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 6 Serves 10365SIMPLE SAUSAGE PASTAGet ready to see the potential of sausages in a brand new way. Cutting them open and frying off the meat in a big flat pan will get them cooked in next to no time! You may need to batch cook the sausages depending on the size of your … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 5 Serves 4-6382CHILLI PRAWN LINGUINEThis is such a simple dish you’ll be wondering what’s missing – until you taste it! If you adore spice, you can add as much as you like at the table without upsetting any tiny people! 15 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientslinguine (90g uncooked per adult, 50g per … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 4 Serves 4-6315TANDOORI SALMON FEASTThis dish came about when my step-mum gave me a kilo bag of tandoori spice and I had no idea what to do with it. She used it for chicken on the barbie, so I started using it for that and tried it out with fish. It goes brilliantly … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 3 Serves 4-6365THAI GREEN NOODLE SOUPWe love to mess about with chopsticks in our house and although it’s super-messy, it’s also super-fun! There may look like a lot of ingredients for this noodle soup, but it’s really a case of bunging them all into the pot and letting the paste do the work. … Read More


Serves 4-6345TUNA ARRABIATAHow to jazz up tuna pasta? It’s all about the garlic and lemon. And if you’re a chilli lover like me, add some chilli oil to the table for a proper nose-blowing extravaganza afterwards! 12 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientspasta (90g uncooked per adult, 50g per child)2 tbsp olive oil100g frozen onion50g … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 1 Serves 4-6435COUSCOUS PAELLACouscous is my favourite go-to carb. It’s so quick to make and generates no washing up at all if you make it straight into the bowl you’re going to serve it up in. A touch of turmeric gives it the classic paella colour and I personally think that the yoghurt … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 1 Serves 4-61258SALMON EGG FRIED RICERice, fish, eggs and veg… What’s not to love?But if the children are fussy about this as a one-pot dish, cook each item separately and serve up like a fun feast so that everyone can build their own bowl! Make it super fun and everyone will be chomping … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 1 Serves Serves 4-6724WHIRLWIND GNOCCHIGnocchi cooks in only a few minutes and you’ll be amazed at how quickly this meal will come together! Using cream cheese, Borsin, mascarpone or ricotta straight from the fridge onto hot pasta is the perfect way to make a creamy sauce in an instant. Then open the fridge … Read More