Slow Cooker Beef Goulash and Pasta

When muddy wellies, red wine and warm fires are giving you the winter feelings, this is a gorgeous slow cook to lean into. I love the combination of paprika and soured cream, it reminds me of a simple pork goulash I learned to do as a student. Posh student, I was. Use a cheaper cut … Read More

Simple Cheesy Pasta

Alex Thurman – Feed the Brood Serves 4-6244Simple Cheesy PastaIt’s taken me the last 8 years to get the roux down, but I can make it now without scales or measures now. Sometimes I add onions and garlic to the base, but today, I just went simple as. If this were Masterchef they’d be shaking … Read More

Creamy bacon pasta

I N S T A N T M E A L // This one cooks in the same amount of time it takes to cook the pasta! It was a club night tonight. No, not the kind when you stumble through the door stinking of stale lager and the onset of poverty brought on by … Read More


Everyone has their way of doing a spag bol recipe, don’t they? And it all depends on the time you have available to you. If you’ve planned something low and slow, you can include some braising steak or chuck and make a chunky ragu. But if you’ve only got time for something speedy, you stick … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 8 Serves 10132OVEN BAKED MEATBALLSHandmade meatballs might seem a bit of a faff, but I’m implementing the oven again here to help make up a batch for next week too. Just make sure you’ve got enough sauce to dunk them in – this will moisten them up when they come out of the … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 6 Serves 10365SIMPLE SAUSAGE PASTAGet ready to see the potential of sausages in a brand new way. Cutting them open and frying off the meat in a big flat pan will get them cooked in next to no time! You may need to batch cook the sausages depending on the size of your … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 5 Serves 4-6382CHILLI PRAWN LINGUINEThis is such a simple dish you’ll be wondering what’s missing – until you taste it! If you adore spice, you can add as much as you like at the table without upsetting any tiny people! 15 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientslinguine (90g uncooked per adult, 50g per … Read More


Serves 4-6345TUNA ARRABIATAHow to jazz up tuna pasta? It’s all about the garlic and lemon. And if you’re a chilli lover like me, add some chilli oil to the table for a proper nose-blowing extravaganza afterwards! 12 min Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredientspasta (90g uncooked per adult, 50g per child)2 tbsp olive oil100g frozen onion50g … Read More