Slow Cooker Beef Goulash and Pasta

When muddy wellies, red wine and warm fires are giving you the winter feelings, this is a gorgeous slow cook to lean into. I love the combination of paprika and soured cream, it reminds me of a simple pork goulash I learned to do as a student. Posh student, I was. Use a cheaper cut … Read More

TEST – Monday Night Cottage Pie

“Shall I peel the whole bag of spuds?” is a question that never needs answering in our house anymore. Yes, of course, because I LOVE leftover roasties! Last weekend the children weren’t feeling the roasties for some reason and we ended up with a gargantuan box of roasties and parsnips to attempt to hide in … Read More

Beef Rendang

I must admit, I was planning to make a beef Massaman when I went to the shop to grab the usual Bart’s paste I use, but it was out of stock. So, scratching around for a curry paste that would work well with the beef I’d already bought, I found The Spice Tailor’s Beef Rendang … Read More

Carnitas and flatbreads – Pork Fajitas

Slow cooking inexpensive cuts of meats is the budget way to eat like a king. Here the method of slow cooking the meat in a rub rather than submerged in liquid creates a far tougher end result in comparison to most other slow-cooked meats, but it carries a whole lot of flavour that will make … Read More


Everyone has their way of doing a spag bol recipe, don’t they? And it all depends on the time you have available to you. If you’ve planned something low and slow, you can include some braising steak or chuck and make a chunky ragu. But if you’ve only got time for something speedy, you stick … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 8 Serves 10132OVEN BAKED MEATBALLSHandmade meatballs might seem a bit of a faff, but I’m implementing the oven again here to help make up a batch for next week too. Just make sure you’ve got enough sauce to dunk them in – this will moisten them up when they come out of the … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 6 Serves 4-61073STICKY BEEF STIR FRYI made this dish up when I wanted to get away with having steak for tea more often! I love steak. Drool. Anyway, you’ll be impressed with just how amazingly quick and easy this dish is and by how quickly the kids can fling egg noodles on every … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 5 Serves 10403LAZY CHICKEN FAJITASMost families I know do fajitas regularly, but this is my lazy version -it’s all done in the oven. All the hard work you have to do is the fridge Tetris getting all the tubs and jars in and out! Oh, and there’s a tiny bit of chopping too, … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 4 Serves 10330MEATLOAFLike a bat outta hell, I’ll be gone when the morning comes! No, but seriously, this is such an amazing dish that is bound to make it in your top five! It’s definitely a labour of love, but I have one key piece of advice for you: keep the portion for … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 3 Serves 10231HONEY AND MUSTARD CHICKEN TRAYBAKESweet and sticky chicken served with a hot baguette on the side feels like a French treat of epic proportions. And here we are on a weekday snaffling away as if we’re on holiday. You might even want to crack out the wine if you’re feeling the … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 3 Serves 10126PORK AND CIDER STEWThis is another slow-cooker recipe, so again, get your head in gear at breakfast and you’ll have a brilliant dinner on your return. Slow cooking the carrots and potatoes in cider gives you amazingly sweet and mushy textures like a soup, so think about serving with some crunchy … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 2 Serves 10243HARISSA BEEF TAGINEThis dish is slow cooked, so make sure you’re on it in the morning to get it all on before you head out. What I love about this dish is the depth of flavour considering how little time you have to put the preparation! Be mindful of the spice … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 2 Serves 10373LAMB KEEMATo my surprise, this has been one of my most popular meals online. I think it might be because it’s shares qualities from the beloved spag bol and the UK’s favourite dish, the curry. And the best thing about this dish is that you can cook up a double batch … Read More


MASTERPLAN WEEK 1 Serves Serves 10333Handsfree Chicken CurryI call this my ‘handsfree’ curry because unlike most curries, it’s made as a traybake in the oven, so that I can get busy with jobs whilst it cooks! Baking it in the oven also makes it insanely easy to double up and add a batch to the … Read More