Ahhhh, wasn’t last weekend amazing? By complete chance, we were on the SouthBank with family drinking lager out of plastic cups as the kids made it their mission to get as filthy as humanly possible. There’s a load of kiddies’ games painted on the ground outside Royal Festival Hall & it was hard to drag them away, so we bought drinks and chewed the fat in the glorious sunshine for an hour instead of fighting it.

As we returned home on the train, a warm glow rose up in my chest. I bloody love a day out in London with my people. I see other families returning to their abodes just like us and I wonder what they do when they get home.

My life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but when I get home on a Saturday evening from a day out in the big smoke, it feels pretty damn close to perfect. Perfect for me.

The promise of a quiet evening in, a movie, candles, a bottle of wine and a foot rub after a manic day out in the city making our children’s worlds a tiny bit bigger, is the kind of luxury I can handle, thanks very much.

But, do you know what would mess that right up? [abrupt record scratch] If I had to sit down and do the sodding meal plan for next week because the order deadline is 11pm and if we don’t do it, we’ll end up with 16 bottles of Not from Concentrate Orange Juice and a box of tampons.

So, this week will be different, I promise myself. This week, I’m going to do myself a favour and make a start on the meal plan today, Thursday.

Why not just put it off? Nopes. No can do. I have deliberately locked myself into a food delivery repeat booking plan for Sunday night. I’ve learned I’m an Obliger, (look up Gretchen Rubin if you want to know more about the Four Tendencies!) and I’d happily procrastinate and delay until we have no food in the house and I’ve made daily trips to the supermarket. So this way, I am saving me from myself and making sure I have to do my meal plan and food shopping by Saturday, no compromise.

So, what’s on the menu for next week?

  • Couscous Paella – inspired by Miguel Barclay’s One Pound Meals
  • Veggie Shepherds Pie – and I need enough leftovers to experiment with making wrap pasties
  • Gnocchi Traybake as an experiment
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry – haven’t had that in forever
  • Slow cooked Lamb Rogan Josh – so I can batch make the curry paste and freeze some

Tah dah! What’s on your meal plan for next week?