I took the kids away during half term and ended up on a very low-veg diet. I had proper cravings that a banana and a satsuma just couldn’t fix and I realised how much I take my veg intake for granted. I returned home with an instinctive urge to serve 2 or 3 different veggies with each meal. Although super brilliant for my guts and the kids’ increasing exposure to healthy mealtime habits, a Tupperware box of leftover steamed veg ended up permanently sitting in the fridge. Also not a problem, all I have to do is keep offering and cycling through them before they turn manky, right? No, they just linger until they get slimy and get chucked out. David Attenborough would smite me with a single glance.

What else could I do with them? Some version of bubble and squeak, of course. And so when I was making homemade fish fingers, these vegan fish finger alternatives were born. Find my fish finger recipe here. Being made up of mash means that the vegan version probably needs a slightly different accompaniment so as not to overload on spuds, but the fortified nutritional yeast is included in this vegan version for a scrumptious depth of flavour and a protein hit that replaces the fish.

Serving suggestions:

Alongside baked beans and more veg

In a pitta with salady bits and comfort condiments like ketchup and mayo