“Shall I peel the whole bag of spuds?” is a question that never needs answering in our house anymore. Yes, of course, because I LOVE leftover roasties!

Last weekend the children weren’t feeling the roasties for some reason and we ended up with a gargantuan box of roasties and parsnips to attempt to hide in the fridge. Not gonna happen! So I had to think of a recipe to use them up and quick. Enter the Monday Night Cottage Pie. You’re allowed to eat it whenever you like, by the way, no rules.

But you will need a load of leftover roast potatoes. Or testers – you could try out using tinned new potatoes perhaps? Or raw sweet potato or squash chopped into tiny chunks.

And if you’re feeding a veggie or vegan, I made two side by side (that’s how many roasties I needed to use up). Find the test recipe here.