Pile of bread rolls accompanied by a plate of a few rolls cut in half covered with puddles of melty butter and a little pale-turquoise plate of messy butter and a vintage pink-handled knife

It was during lockdown when I started to make my own burger buns. We were having a bbq almost every night, and one evening we were scratching around for something to have with homemade burgers. I decided to experiment with making some basic buns. Et voila! I discovered that a novice can crack out a soda bread roll with relative ease in hardly any time. And although you’re supposed to use buttermilk… who the heck has that lying around at the last minute? Not me. So, I found out that you can simply add some vinegar to milk, leave it 10 minutes to curdle and then it’s just as good.

Large glass bowl with a pile of flour and a stream of milk falling into the top

I’ve experimented with a variety of different kinds of vinegar and flours and it really makes very little difference. And the wholemeal flour I used for these buns, made them super sweet and delicious! You can see from the bite mark in the main image that I could not resist them. Too good.

Half a brown bread roll with a puddle of melty butter on top next to a little plate of butter and a vintage pink knife

The one thing about these buns is that they use up a lot of flour, so not a great choice if you’re low on flour, but a great last-minute scratch together if you need something to go with burgers, or accompany soup.

Baking tray at an angle with 3 rows of 3 bread rolls

And there’s no greater feeling of achievement when you pull them hot out of the oven ready to eat. Enjoy.