If you haven’t heard of Silke Thistlewood, you’ll wish you had sooner. Silke talks openly about the struggles she had with anxiety after having her second baby and the frustrations she felt at being offered medication instead of practical suggestions for how to structure her days, weeks and years to find peace and identity aside from motherhood. So, she created a community of support for the mothers around her. Her Facebook Group Nourished Mums is a beautiful example of the love she generates and promotes – the group is teeming with support and love in the form of questions, advice and group hugs. And, if course, Silke’s input gives everyone a reality check each day too, reminding us all each day to remember the truly important things that contribute to our survival and happiness as mums.

Silke has recently brought out a range of Self-Care Cards for Mums. Find out more here.

What’s your favourite biscuit?
Do fig rolls count as a biscuit? If yes, it’s them! I am only very occasionally allowed to buy them because I literally can’t stop myself and will eat a whole pack.

What’s your best day out?
I love a day trip! The seaside or a farm!

What’s your best tip for eating out with children?
A bag of toys that only come out at restaurants. Ours includes reusable stickers, magnetic beads, water pens and a mini tea set and play dough to make mini food.

How would you spend the Perfect Sunday?
A coffee in bed, or at least in peace before everyone gets up. A family walk in the sunshine, or a day trip somewhere fun, including lunch or dinner out. Some time at the gym while my husband does bath and bedtime. Then making some lists and plans for the week ahead!

What’s your favourite herb?
Rosemary! The smell alone wins by miles.