When bananas have gone past their best for eating, I bung them straight in the freezer. This makes them turn black on the outside and a little sludgy on the inside, but all the better for cooking with. Mushed up with eggs and flour, they make a perfect pancake batter base. And once you have the base made up, you can add anything into it to make it super tasty and nutritious.

Sometimes we have them for pudding, but on the whole, I make a batch of these to go in a Tupperware on a trip out. They travel well if in a sealed container, hardly create any mess, and they’re a great way of filling up the children with really nutritious ingredients to help them last a long day out. If you have a little one who won’t eat a whole batch, you can make up a batch and freeze the rest to defrost at a later date – you can put baking paper between every one or two so that you can access the number that you need rather than fighting a frozen block! You could also halve the recipe really easily if you want to make a smaller batch, or you only have one manky banana.


I keep loads of frozen berries in my freezer which are easy to add, or you could include a few tablespoons of nut butter or milled seeds. There’s no limit to the things you could add. I especially like to add leftover porridge – I get a big kick from using up food that would usually go to waste.