In a FIVE THINGS INTERVIEW, I send a list of questions, and our interviewee picks five questions to answer. Here are Laura’s responses!

What’s your favourite recipe book?

Delia Christmas – I love so many recipes in there – and just looking at the cover makes me feel tingly and excited about my favourite time of year!

What’s your best music for teatime?
Classic FM or 70s funk and disco!

What’s your best tip for teatime with fussy eaters?
Whatever you do they’re going to be fussy – the more you fuss the more an issue it becomes – so (and I know how frustrating it is) – praise a brave approach and remain calm when the response to your lovingly cooked meal is “argh, yuck. Where’s the sausage?!”

What’s your comfort food?
CHOCOLATE – dark only please. Nuts. Chocolate…..

What’s your best tip for eating out with children?
Go earlier than you think you need to, because it always takes longer than you think, and helps to avoid a meltdown. Talk to them and play games like I Spy! Go somewhere that likes children!

xxx Huge thanks to Laura for her answers to my weird and wonderful questions xxx