I'm so delighted to interview Jo Wimble-Groves of Guilty Mother. In my experience of blogging and mumpreneuring Jo has been THE most supportive and generous lady. She is the pure definition of the Strong Girls Club - she really has been such an ambassador for me and I'm so lucky to have met her. She even completed these questions whilst away on holiday! I get the impression she takes everything completely in her stride. She's my hero! And to top it all, she's currently expecting her third baby - go Mama!

If you don't know Jo, she is the co-founder of the Communications Tech Agency Active Digital. Since starting it with her brother in 1996, she has been a champion for women in the tech industry and is a motivational speaker for women in leadership. She has won Women in Business awards left, right and centre and her writing has been published in national papers. I'm totally in awe about how on earth she manages that all as well as blogging as 'Guilty Mother'.

Get ready for a girl crush!

Here are her answers to my foody questions so you can get to know her better:

How would you spend the perfect Sunday?
Sunday mornings are normally busy for us as both our children play rugby. Now the winter months are firmly settling in, they normally come home covered in mud. So, there’s nothing better than having a quiet afternoon at home, we’ll put the wood-burning stove on and I’ll cook roast chicken. It’s the best way to get plenty of vegetables into the children. They particularly love cabbage, green beans and of course...plenty of homemade roast potatoes!

What’s your favourite herb?
Forever inspired by Monty Don (I’m a huge gardeners world fan); five years ago I created a herb garden at home. Unfortunately, the lemon balm keeps taking over the space, even though my father always advised me that mint was the worst culprit for growth spread. The herb garden is still good for basil and rosemary though which are my ‘go-to’ for meals. It’s normally the children’s job to pop in the garden to get their herbs for me and it’s great to always make them feel involved and helps them learn which herbs are which.

What’s your worst food memory?
Coming home from secondary school feeling starving only to find that liver and bacon was on the dinner table again. I could not bear it! It must have been the number one meal of the eighties I’m sure! I despised the chewy taste of the liver, despite my mother repeatedly telling me how good it was for us! I’ll avoid it at every opportunity if I can now. Does anyone see liver and bacon making a comeback? I hope not!

What’s your comfort food?
It’s always been the same meal and my husband laughs as it was of the questions my girlfriends had asked him in the fun quiz for my hen do and he nailed it! It’s not the most glamorous food, but I adore ham, egg and chips. Especially if it’s from a local pub! Delicious!

My biggest talent in the kitchen is…
I am the queen of Yorkshire puddings. It is my mother's recipe which she taught me when I was about twenty-one years old and they are always huge! I use a four-hole baking tray as opposed to the twelve hole version. I’m also pretty good at a ‘family one-pot’. I love the idea of chucking everything in a pot and leaving it on the side for guests to help themselves. A make a mean chicken and chorizo stew with chickpeas, which is my own recipe. Served with warm crusty bread is best and a glass of Malbec! My mother in law always approves of this meal, so I must be winning there!

Thanks so much to Jo for such lovely answers. I adore Sundays at home and the idea of a warm fire, red wine, Van Morrison playing and the smell of roast chicken wafting through the house is an absolute fantasy for me! And good luck with the herb garden, if you need to do a mega cutback, I'm always keen for herbs! xx