A real crowd-pleaser with all ages, eggy bread is great one to keep up your sleeve for a fun breakfast, or a quick lunch.

I have found the perfect dish to soak my bread. Until now, I was always trying to figure out how not to man-handle the bread so that it broke when I transferred it to the pan. This mini lasagne dish is a snug fit for a normal piece of bread and really helps to keep the bread in one piece when flopping it into a hot pan.

Make up the egg and milk mix and add any spices you fancy like cinnamon or seasoning if making for adults. Dunk the slice of bread into the mix and allow a minute or two for the bread to absorb the eggy mixture. Fry the soaked bread in a hot pan of butter or oil for only a minute or so each side. It will foam and sizzle and the edges will start to crisp up and brown.

The beauty about eggy bread is that it walks the line between sweet and savoury, so you can serve it up with all sorts.

I love it with defrosted berries and natural yoghurt. That would be a deliciously messy breakfast for weaning. If serving to an older crowd, you could include bacon and maple syrup!