Always on the lookout for veggie recipes that don’t compromise on flavour? Biryani is a no brainier.

Being a fan of lots of washing up, I added roasted curried salmon and curried smoked tofu so that there was something on the table for everyone. I try to include salmon in our menu once a week in line with current guidance – oily fish is a great source of vitamin D and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent heart disease. My kids will eat about half a fillet each, so I can keep the costs down.

I added yoghurt, cucumber and corn on the cob to the table too. I am obsessed with adding yoghurt to savoury foods. If you have a weaning baby, yoghurt is a godsend when offering babies crumbly nonsense like couscous and rice as it acts like a glue to help you get the food to stay on the spoon!

It was the first time that I’ve served biryani to the children, so the colour was a bit exotic and they only ate the fish and veg, but that’s ok. I will be serving it loads in the future and I’m confident that they will be putty in my hands when they realise how bloody delicious it is!