This month, I asked the fabulous Charlotte Stirling-Reed to answer five questions so we could all get to know her a little better. It would be easy to hate such a gorgeous AND clever lady, but she’s so bloody lovely, it’s completely impossible!

Specialising in maternal, infant and child nutrition, Charlotte is a freelance consultant working with big brands. She makes regular appearances in the media talking about anything and everything that comes up in the news. I caught her on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast talking about plant-based milks just last week!

Charlotte and I first met through Instagram, where she is a giant amongst UK nutritionists – leading the way with all things #familyfood by sharing her son, Raffy’s, meals each day. And, as you’d expect, he’s a proper cutie! I have no idea when she sleeps. as Charlotte also produces blogs at a rate of knots. If you have any child nutrition questions, I bet you’ll find all the answers you need on her website!

Not happy with being chums with Jamie and Jimmie, Charlotte is currently advising the one and only Joe Wicks as he embarks on his weaning journey with his baby daughter, Indie. She’s making such a great impression with his audience that he’s roped her into helping him write a book on the topic of weaning. I, for one, am very excited to hear a masculine voice in the area of weaning, as it’s still such a feminine soundscape.

Huge thanks, Charlotte, for answering our questions for Five Things – Charlotte and I have been talking about a potential collaboration, so watch this space, it won’t be the last you hear from her in Five Things!

What’s your favourite recipe book?
I have SOO many but I’ve always loved a bit of Deliciously Ella for plant-based ideas. I obviously love ALL of Jamie’s books too (especially his Italian one) and Joe Wick’s Veggie in 15 is a winner too.

What’s your best music for teatime?
Humm, I quite like keeping it calm with a bit of classical, but more often than not it’s nursery rhymes for Raffy. After dinner is usually a bit of Queen though -I’m a big fan (and so is Raffy now too!!

What’s your worst food memory?
My brother gave me a chilli to bite when I was about 5 – I went to bed with a flannel in my mouth!! I’m still not great at hot foods now, korma is my usual choice at an Indian!

What’s your best tip for teatime with fussy eaters?
Slow it down and make sure you’re eating too – take the pressure off them and put the attention onto yourself and your own dinner! 

What’s your best tip for feeding babies?
Have SO much fun with it – it’s all about experimenting!