My lovely friend Carol Lumbard has given us an insight into her life in my second Five Things Interview. Carol is the owner of Cookies Kitchen which teaches your tinies how to cook in both Kent and Norfolk. She is also an extremely talented swimming teacher and we first met when she taught my eldest two how to swim a few years ago. I was completely mesmerised by her amazing voice and bubbly manner.

Find out how to book on to a Cookies Kitchen cookery class here:

In a FIVE THINGS INTERVIEW, I send a list of questions, and our interviewee picks five questions to answer. Here are Carol’ responses! 

Who would you take out for dinner?

2 of my best friends, Tina and Pippa. We have been besties for over 30 years, nothing makes me happier than catching up with them. With work, children and general busy lives it is always so hard to get the 3 of us in the same room so I’d love to take them out for a lovely meal to say thank you for their amazing support and encouragement with everything I do, I would ban phones, clock watching or counting how many glasses of wine we have drunk!

What’s your worst food memory?

Sprouts, any time I have ever been forced to eat the evil little things. I have been battling against my Mum with sprouts since I was about 4, she is adamant that I used to like them until we had a lodger who didn’t and they convinced me to not eat them. We still have this argument and I’m now 39, I try one every year and each time I come to the same conclusion, they just aren’t for me.

How would you spend the Perfect Sunday?

Walking on the beach, I am so lucky to live so close to so many beautiful beaches and there is nothing I love more than blowing the cobwebs away with a long stroll along the sand with family and my pooch. This is normally followed by a trip to one of my favourite pubs for a drink and maybe a roast then I like to come home and snuggle on the sofa with a movie, bliss!

Where in the world do you long to travel?

Anywhere and everywhere, I love adventure, I love to explore and to experience new places. Next on my list is to spend my 40th birthday in New York later this year, this is a bit normal as far as my travel wishes go but I have travelled with a backpack so many times that this time I fancy going and living it up a little. After this I’ll get back to more adventurous trips, I’d like to experience Asia so that maybe the next travel goal.

My biggest talent in the kitchen is…

Making a mess! I love to use every pot, pan, knife, bowl and gadget going, I then serve up a delicious meal that wins over my partner so that he is then happy to put the kitchen back together again. I am the worst at clearing up after myself, I’ve lost interest in being in the kitchen by the time I’ve dished up, I have no idea how Pete copes with me, I’m never like it when I’m teaching so why I can’t apply the same discipline when I’m at home is beyond me.

xxx Huge thanks to Carol for such interesting answers xxx