Slow cooking inexpensive cuts of meats is the budget way to eat like a king. Here the method of slow cooking the meat in a rub rather than submerged in liquid creates a far tougher end result in comparison to most other slow-cooked meats, but it carries a whole lot of flavour that will make you feel like you’re off on your holidays. Get generous with the lime and other accompaniments to make this pork fajita really sing.

I have made my own flatbreads here – I appreciate that is out of character. It’s a hangover from lockdown v.1 when I was learning to make all sorts of sustainables from flour. It takes hardly any time, as I don’t measure any more, I simply add water to a bowl half full of flour until it forms a tidy dough, but that’s the cavalier attitude I take to most cooking, and I’m happy to take the risk. A shop-bought wrap is certainly good enough in this meal if you don’t feel like pretending you’re Jamie Oliver for the afternoon.