Babies fling stuff, so you don’t need these on day one. You can use your normal crockery to plate up and place food directly on their tray. You will need to buy a set further down the line though, so here are my pearls of wisdom:

In my experience, children bicker over which colour plate they get and, apparently the world may actually end if they don’t get their favourite colour. What drama! So to avoid these problems, I resorted to buying a set of identical melamine plates, cups, bowls. They have a lovely gender neutral style and this also appeals to the OCD in me because they all stack neatly in the cupboard and the dishwasher – mmmmmmm. I suggest you invest in a cheap set to start off with and take some time choosing a more expensive set that will suit your needs. NB Melamine can’t go in the microwave – it explodes – yes, it really does.