New post series about the food we simply shouldn’t miss off our shopping lists! This week – PESTO!

We all have a friend who’s effortlessly stylish and great in any situation. Pesto is that friend. Great in a dress up, out-out situation: sophisticated and acts like an actual grown up. Great in a pub: making great conversation with everyone and looking amazing in jeans and Converse. That’s ya Pesto friend: flexible, reliable, easy going and good to be around.

I love to use it as a meaty marinade, herby addition to a sauce, added to a salad dressing or simply chuck it on good old pasta for fast family food! It’s insanely versatile and so well-loved!

I asked nutritionist Liz from @wellnourishedclub to tell me why pesto is worthy of a permanent slot on her shopping list. Liz said:

“Pesto packs a heavy health-protecting punch. Full of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial phytonutrients, it’s a condiment/sauce/topping that will keep you sleep deprived mums feeling perky and armed against winter bugs… and that’s all before we chat about the fibre, healthy fats, protein, vitamins K, C, A, copper, calcium and manganese to name a few.”

“Try boosting your pesto with the addition of cruciferous veggies such as kale, collard greens or watercress. The addition of these sulphur containing powerhouses (in addition to the garlic) will help us mamas keep our hormones in harmony. “

“My current breakfast obsession is a big dollop of vegan basil pesto (made with Brazil nuts and hazelnuts) on top of avocado, grilled halloumi and toasted pumpkin seeds on toast.”

I’ve got to get some of that in my life! Thanks Liz – Pesto truly is a FOOD CHAMPION!