Weaning - Fussy Eating - Meal Planning

Whether you're about to start weaning, dealing with a fussy eater or finding cooking for the family tough, I can help you.

I am a busy mother myself, so I know all too well the different directions we get pulled in and the way a rough day can knock your confidence.

With my package of three sessions, I will support your needs, help you to make changes, recognise your achievements and set you on your way to a healthier and happier future.

Pricing & Structure:

In your home:  £95 per session = £285 paid upfront

In my home:  £75 per session (Edenbridge TN8 6GE) = £225 paid upfront


Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Getting to grips with new learning and big changes

Session 3: Follow Up and the future

And of course, there will be ongoing phone and text support throughout!

"I found the 'Feed the Brood' workshop both informative and inspiring. The world of food and nutrition can be mind boggling and scary, especially when feeding children, but, Alex helps to provide you with the skills to make more informed choices." Sabrina, Surrey, Mum of Two.

"I just wanted to publicly thank Alex and let people know how fantastic her sessions are. Alex came to see me this week to help me with how to deal with a two year old that won't eat. Not just a fussy toddler, but a boy who is never hungry and have fears of new foods. Mealtimes were something I dreaded and we stopped going out to eat as a family as it was just too hard. Alex spent an hour and a half with me and we worked on some ideas and she answered all my questions and totally gave me the confidence to move forward. That night, taking Alex's ideas onboard I ate with my son, something I don't get to do with working hours, I got him to lay the table and help me dish up pasta bolognese and garlic bread, something he would just cry at and push away before. Instead of this, he tried it and didn't protest. He ate the garlic bread and tried both the sauce and pasta. Granted he didn't eat much but for day 1 this was a huge achievement for us. I am now excited to meal plan and eat with my son on my days off and hopefully instil a love of food and healthy eating into him over the next few months. Thank you Alex!!!"  Daniella, Lingfield

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