Let’s talk about the sexy stuff.

I’m not kidding. I want to share what I think is sexy.

I’m only talking about me, right… not passing judgement on anyone else. Just sharing how I feel about sexy times and how my definition of ‘sexy’ has changed as I’ve morphed into some semblance of a grown up.

What turns me on? Order, decisiveness, calm. Maybe I’ve reached a point in my life when symbiosis matters.

Perhaps it’s just the chaos that three children constantly create that gives me little tolerance for disordered grown-ups? Jeez, I am judgy aren’t I?

Anyway, I find a week with a meal plan in place creates a super sexy vibe in my life. The chaos is reduced, the kitchen has a rhythm & my time and energy is more my own. I’m more likely to be on top of my emails, in bed earlier & therefore well rested. (My husband is listening to the audiobook of ‘Why we sleep’ by Matthew Walker and keeps telling me the importance of 8hrs of sleep – and clearly having good sleep IS massively sexy!)

Many people I talk to say that they keep meaning to meal plan, but don’t. From my own experience, I know that when I’m firefighting my way through the week, planning ahead doesn’t even get a look in. But if there’s a tiny crack in your week, maybe give it a try and see? After a few weeks, you’ll be addicted.

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I’m also in the redesign stage of The MasterPlan right now which is my 8-week meal plan for omnivore families. I’m doing a hard launch in September, but it will be available sooner than that for any keen beans looking to get sexy over the summer.

Meanwhile, I’m off to squeeze a bit of my own meal planning in before a bit of work & the school run.

Because I’m worth it!

[Hair flick. Mic drop.]