Digital meal plan and cook book that links directly to your shopping basket

Save Time

Quick and easy meals for the whole family

Save Money

Only buy exactly what you need

Online links

Click anywhere in a list or a recipe to go to the online version and link to your shopping basket

Shopping basket compatibility

Order online shopping straight from your phone in minutes

Tried and tested family meals

Delicious family meals from around the world

Community Support

Social media links to support group and online community

26 Recipes & 8 Shopping Lists

26 Recipes & 8 Shopping Lists

 One click links to online shopping baskets

 One click links to online shopping baskets

eBook smartphone compatible 

eBook smartphone compatible 

Printable meal planner

Printable meal planner

Incredible shortcuts to save you time and effort

Incredible shortcuts to save you time and effort

Make the freezer do all the hard work for you

Make the freezer do all the hard work for you


Hey there!

I'm Alex Thurman

I'm a mum of three with a nutrition and teaching background and a major obsession with meal planning. I know how hard it is to sit down and meal plan when family life has got you spinning 1000 plates, so I've done all the hard work for you. Grab yourself a copy of The MasterPlan and discover just how easy it is to batch cook and buy yourself more time away from the kitchen! 

Our customers' happiness is what matters to us.

Wow! I discovered the amazing MasterPlan at just the right time. Although we are lucky and our little girl eats with us and almost everything. I found as a part-time working mum it fell to me to plan, shop for, choose and cook most night and I was bored and majorly in a rut. 

The MasterPlan has brought us so many wonderful dishes and completely takes out the drag of choosing what to cook. 

We have enjoyed so many dishes, the Harissa Beef Stew and Zaatar Salmon Traybake I think are our faves but there are so many star dishes on the runners up list! 

I have loved how a fridge full of healthy, non-processed ingredients become a week of yummy food and stock my freezer making the next week even easier. 

My hubby has commented on how nice it is to have sharing bowls on the table and it’s made me make effort setting the table: flowers and candles mid-week. It’s so sociable, family affirming and feel good! 

The MasterPlan itself is super easy to follow. The links to online shopping sites and printable sheets make prep for the following week/fortnight so simple.  It’s beautifully presented with clear pics of the food and some lovely family snaps. But it’s not your social media aspirational style that isn’t achievable! Alex has done what TEAMTOMM has done for cleaning it’s simply brilliant.

Thank you Alex x 

Nicola, Kent, Mum to a 3.5 yr old

As a family we have found Alex’s plan so amazingly helpful. It’s easy to follow, all the recipes are so appealing and best of all they are so so easy! This is most important for me and it also means my 3 year old can help with preparing the meals and get involved meaning she’s happy to try them. The baby is loving trying all sorts of new tastes. It’s so lovely to sit down to a healthy meal as a family without feeling like I’ve had a fight in the kitchen! Then win win we have a freezer full of yummy instant home made meals to have with the plan and some for when we have one of those days which we all have. Thank you Alex you’ve got me out of my dinner rut! 

Chloe, Mum of Two, Kent

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