I’m out out. I left a whirlwind behind me. I did make (& photograph) these meatballs, but I do feel a bit guilty for leaving such a mess in the kitchen/house for my husband to tidy up.

I’m not sure I’d be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot…

But it can be so hard to squeeze it all in & frankly, I should be proud of how much I’ve achieved today despite all the things I’ve failed to do too. I’m patting myself on the back whilst simultaneously texting my husband apologies and details missing from the handover!

My juggle struggle at the moment is the fact that I’ve set myself a deadline to make my MasterPlan into a beautiful masterpiece ready for purchase and download by 1st June. I jolly well don’t know if I can achieve it. I’ve turned it into a 100-page document! Insane. Lots of tappy tappy click click click on the computer and cooking meals for beautiful photographs will bring this challenge into reality, but it’s quite possible I’ll explode in the process. Everyday life is just such an obstacle!

A challenge is good fun & I’m definitely the bounciest version of myself when I’m motivated and ‘working’. So, I’m viewing my current situation and the carnage I’m creating in my wake as a beautiful opportunity.

So, my friend, I’m embracing the juggle struggle with a giant happy bear hug. The MasterPlan is coming… maybe not on 1st June though….