Aged 6, 4 & 3, our tribe of kids wake up early and boy do they wake up hungry.

On occasion, we hear them all pootle downstairs and grab bananas, and sometimes they even lay the table and eat bowls of Weetabix all lead by the eldest who switches into parent mode with staggering ease. There’s a fine line between encouraging independence and actually allowing neglect – rest assured, we always keep an ear out and mumble health and safety warnings from the comfort of our bed!

We were out on the razzle-dazzle until 1am last night. It was a pub quiz and it’s definitely the most I’ve laughed all year. Having a night out feels like punishment when the kids all get up at 6am demanding pancakes. 5hrs sleep doesn’t work for me. No no.

As I was driving, I had a clear enough head to get an overnight oats experiment going before we went to bed. I’m determined to get overnight oats on the menu plenty with our family as it’ll be so useful when we’re camping in the summer. And look how they turned out! The frozen bloobs have turned it all blue!

Although I left a loving note for the children with instructions, I actually fancied a cuppa, so went down to lay the table & just couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and snapping away! They look gorge. And I was a gorgeous vision standing on the dining table in my nighty taking photos!

Recipe? Well, I did it by eye. I basically covered the oats with @oatly milk until I couldn’t see the oats anymore. I have followed other recipes & there wasn’t enough milk to my liking! It turns so creamy with a good amount of oat milk.

I put honey and agave syrup out for them to help themselves to. This is a risk for sure, as they do love a good squirt, but the more independence we offer them, the more trustworthy they start to behave.

Time for another cup of tea, a bowl of oats myself & another little snooze