So, this is your big investment. Many people see their highchair as a piece of furniture in their house and spend lots of time and money on it, others aren't that bothered. You will need to consider these factors:

  • storage - does it fold away for storage or is it part of your furniture?
  • tray - does it come off, does it have a rim, is it easy to clean?
  • crotch post - does it support your baby so that they don't slouch?
  • straps - are they removable for cleaning and do they provide support and safety?
  • portability - can you dismantle it to take in the car with you?
  • comfort - it it comfortable for the baby?
  • hygiene - can you deep clean it or replace dirty parts?
  • adaptable - can it turn into a toddler chair in the future?


The IKEA Antilop is a fantastic highchair for so many reasons. Firstly, it's dirt cheap, I mean dirt dirt cheap. £13 in the UK and £6 for the inflatable insert making it perfect for 6m old babies. Secondly, like so many IKEA products, it's simple and easy to use; it stacks, the tray, straps and legs are removable and it's so easy to clean. It covers so many bases, there's no wonder it's the highchair of choice in so many pubs and restaurants around the world!

The Oxo Tot Sprout is a fairly high-end highchair that will make a statement in your dining room. It has a large footprint, so it will need its own spot and doesn't fold down without a screwdriver set, so once it's here, it's here to stay! In its favour, it's sturdy, easy to clean and very supportive. And it's adjustable so that it grows with your baby.

The IKEA junior chair, although not suitable for a baby, is fantastic for a toddler, we have two, plus a highchair in my dining room!