When it comes to feeling your best, your body needs nourishment – and what better way than from fruit and vegetables! We all know they’re good for us, but why? One of the main reasons is the antioxidants they contain! The survival of all living things relies upon antioxidants, and plant foods are 64 times more antioxidant dense than animal foods. It’s so vital to try and eat a healthy diet, full of whole foods and to also install this into our children from an early age, especially given the environment we now find ourselves in! Toxins, pollution, pesticides, plastic, chemicals and stress: They all cause a huge overload for our living body to contend with on a daily basis. Sadly these toxins cause an increased build-up of unstable compounds known as free radicals! When out of balance, these can harm our healthy tissue and signal an inflammatory response, which, left unchecked, can kick start the disease process and damage our DNA. Whilst our clever bodies have their own antioxidant defence systems, we should also seek to top these levels up. Our best way to do so is by eating lots of fruit and veg, which are packed full of the essential antioxidants our bodies need to thrive, including essential vitamins such as C and E, and carotenoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

So which foods contain the most antioxidants?

Well, it’s good news to chocolate lovers as dark chocolate with a high cocoa ratio is packed full of them, together with healthy minerals to lower blood pressure and inflammation. Berries such as blueberries, goji berries and raspberries are also amazing, helping to reduce cancer cells, heart disease and help protect our brain function. Meanwhile, kale is one of the best greens around, bursting with Vitamins such as C, K and A, together with calcium to support our bones! And don’t forget to also chow down some beetroots, spinach, beans, artichokes, red cabbage and pecans: These are all incredibly nutrient-dense and packed full of the good stuff!

My top antioxidant health hack!

Do you know how to tell how antioxidant-rich your food is? Cut into it… The quicker it browns or degrades, the lower its antioxidant levels are. For example, have you ever squeezed lemon juice over an apple to preserve its colour? That’s because unlike apples (where most of the goodness is in the peel), lemons are massively high in antioxidants, particularly vitamin C. The oxidising process of that apple is similar to what happens inside our body with free radicals: If the balance becomes unstable, our tissues become damaged and degrade; but add in a rich source of antioxidants and you quickly see how well it can help protect and preserve the healthy cells!

About me

Hi – I’m Chloe Myers, mum to two boys and passionate about inspiring healthy living! My own journey started in 2013, following 20 years of aggressive acne which blighted my life – I suffered blood poisoning as a result of its severity and had awful hormone imbalances and a weakened immune system. Turning to whole food nutrition as a way to heal my body has been life-changing for myself and my family, and helped me discover my passion for the health and nutrition world! I now run free Salad in a Jar events in my local area twice a month to help people find simple ways to stay healthy and have fun in the process.

For further information on these and what I do, please do get in touch via my email: chloemyers81@icloud.com or follow me on Facebook.