Summer holidays send everything into the breeze.

All the happy, predictable old routines are shot to pieces and every. single. decision. becomes a trial and a challenge.

I do love the freedom and fun times the summer holidays can afford me within the family set-up, but when the daily norm disappears and anything goes, the problem is, everything goes. And once my kids have gone feral, the hardest thing to offer up is an instruction! Even something as simple as brushing teeth or putting on shoes becomes fraught with negotiations.

And so September becomes the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Like a new year, we cling on to big promises to ourselves. A new school year feels like the right time to hit the reset button and turn over a new leaf or two. But how can we hit the reset button when it comes to feeding the brood? Because it can, in fact, be harder to feed them better when the juggle struggle is back on in September than when the routine is broken to pieces in the holidays.

That’s where the MasterPlan is designed to sort your life out.

For 8-weeks, the meals are all decided, the shopping lists are all written AND they have online links so that you can click your way to a full week of meals in minutes. When the first week is over, the second week sees you only cooking three meals during the week because you’ll have two big family meals in the freezer to put to use. And this will roll over into the next week and the next so that when the eight weeks is up, you’ll be well versed in speedy batch cooking and you’ll have a bank of amazing rapid recipes to call on as time goes by.

So what better way to reset in September than with a super-easy, super-inspiring meal plan of delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family with very little effort.

The MasterPlan is a big deal for me and could very easily be a good deal for you.