There she goes. My little warrior girl, sword in hand. Never looking back.

We got rid of the stroller last weekend. I was a huge landmark for us. We’ve had a travel system/stroller in the boot of our car for the last 6.5 years. I can honestly say it’s a relief.

Please don’t get me wrong, we adore our children and beautiful chaos they’ve brought us, but jeez, I hated all the equipment required to supposedly keep things going smoothly.

I’m not dead inside, there were a few heady months when I adored the insanely expensive travel system, the grown up car, oh and my gorgeous highchair, but the shine (literally) wore off once they’d been shat on, puked on, got scratched or covered in suncream (still talking about the car). And I started to envy ladies who wandered about with their children and a normal sized handbag. They barely even needed a wet wipe.

It wasn’t an unpleasant time for us, and I hope that I never wished it away, but I knew the tiny handbag time would come for me too someday.

Lauren Laverne quoted Lauren Hill this morning “After Winter, must come Spring” and that feels like a truism for me. I’m entering my spring. There’s a shed load to love about Winter, but when Spring rolls around, it suddenly makes a big difference.

And it can be so with the eating phases & tricky fussy eating. Spring may not be right around the corner for you, but it will come sure enough and you can take heart in the challenges you face today, that you will be able to look back on it someday and be glad that phase is behind you.