When my babies were weaning, I found that there was no greater pleasure for me than watching them scoff down a scrambled egg.

🥚And only the other night, under the grips of an insomniac duvet wrestle, I started thinking about this post and what I would say about eggs. They border on the mundane. In the UK, they’re the girl next door of ingredients. An excepted staple in cupboard or fridge. They are used for a multitude of dishes both savoury and sweet and we can hardly live without them, but we rarely celebrate their majesty.

🥚But have you ever stopped to think about where eggs come from? I mean, actually considered how the yolk and the white might be stored inside a chicken’s innards before being coated in a shell that gets shaped and hardens once it hits the air as it exits a chicken’s bum?

🥚Well, I hadn’t. And now I can’t stop imagining it. I’m not repulsed by it, simply amazed. What a triumph of nature.

🥚Coagulation – also a triumph. Impressed by my lingo? Not a graduate in Food Science and Nutrition for nothing, my friend. The way an egg gradually binds and solidifies under the gentle encouragement of heat is masterful. A cake, a soufflé, a sauce or even pastry make use of the egg’s clever solidifying ninja skills.

🥚But why exactly is it considered a ‘Superfood’? Well, not only is egg an amazing source of natural protein – providing all nine of the essential amino acids – the building blocks used for growth and immune function. But to top that, the yolk contains a big fat dose of vitamins, minerals and, you guessed it, fat – which are all hard to locate elsewhere – most especially in a more compact and convenient form!

🥚I have an added level of respect for the egg now. Chapeaux egg, my friend, chapeaux.

🥚And I must point out, these particular eggs came from the Cream Legbar chickens kept at my sons’ school. It took me a long old time to get hold of them, as other parents kept pipping me to the post, but last week I managed to snaffle a box of 9 before anyone else could! And they tasted ‘DEEEElicious’ as my eldest would say.

🥚Ooo. That reminds me. I still need to pay back the I.O.U…