This is my middle one. He’s in Reception. We keep waiting for the crazy toddler phase to pass, but with him, it’s not a phase. He’s a live wire through and through.

Along with an appetite for destruction, he’s got charm. Believe me, he could win you over in a heartbeat. You’d be at his beck-and-call in a flash if you met him.

We’ve recently put dairy back in his diet, but for the last 16 months, he’s been dairy free. The reason we did this was for potty training. Number twos were causing us woes, so a change in the diet was needed for sanity and solidity.

Oat milk was our go-to milk alternative. We had it as a whole family for a while and then, once the DF diet was normality for him, we had dairy milk as an option for the rest of us.

Our happy weekend tradition of pancakes had to include dairy-free milk. I don’t know about you, but cooking up a separate batch of pancakes wasn’t my idea of fun on a lazy Sunday morning, so we just replaced the dairy milk with oat milk like-for-like. It works out fine.

Our pancakes are the crepe kind btw. I have a passion for a crepe. It’s pathological. I absolutely love the smaller, thicker, American pancakes, but a crepe-style pancake rolled up with filling inside lives deep in my heart.

Here’s my recipe:

100g plain flour

1 egg

300ml milk

Use your largest measuring jug and a big glass bowl. Measure out the milk & flour, break and mix the eggs straight into the milk, then whisk the liquid into the flour and pour the mix back into the jug for easy pourability. I also keep the whisk in the jug throughout to prevent all the thickness settling in the bottom.

We tried and tested various fats for the frying process. They all work, but coconut oil and DF spreads both tend to trigger the smoke alarm😬, so I settled on vegetable oil in the end, but sparingly as the pancakes can get super oily.

And as this is for 3 kids and 2 adults, we double it up, or sometimes triple it up if we have guests.

Choice of toppings on the table:



Total Yoghurt

Koko Coconut Yoghurt


Fresh fruit

Bacon & maple syrup for spesh