I remember a colleague coming round when I was feeding my eldest when he was about 14m or so. I put an open cup of milk on his tray, he picked it up carefully, took a sip and put it back down without spilling. She was flabbergasted & I was beaming with pride! Drinking from an open cup is the ultimate goal, so I’m always keen to provide plenty of opportunities.

I have three recommendations for cups:
The sippy cup is universal – a free flowing one is the only way to go – granted it’s annoying that water flows out of it, but it’s really important for their development. If a child learns to sip rather than suck, they’ll transition to an open cup far easier. It’s also the perfect cup for taking out and about.

The Doidy cup – a slanted open cup with two little handles. It’s a good training cup before open cups – they don’t need to tip it so much to drink from it.

The open cup – nothing exciting to say about this except that I have a theory that flimsy plastic cups are light and therefore easy to knock over, so I highly recommend you invest in some melamine or even pyrex glass cups. I am forever mopping up puddles of milk, but I’m fairly certain I’d be doing it far more often if I still used the flimsy plastic kind!