People who talk to me about fussy eating and weaning tend to cite confidence as a bit of an issue when it comes to parenting and decision making.

My NCT Group always take the mick out of me for saying I’m not confident. As they experienced 7 years ago, I’m great with new people, happy to take the lead on projects & I’m quick to speak my mind. But like many, I’ve struggled with the voice inside my head – it tells me that I’m not good enough or clever enough to make astute contributions to intelligent conversations. Probably because my opinion come direct from my gut! And it makes growing a business on social media tricky – putting my thoughts, opinions and experience down for all the world to read is very exposing.

I stumbled into a period of self-exploration recently. No reason in particular sparked it, but I started listening to the Gretchen Rubin podcast @gretchenrubin Happier and learned that I’m an Obliger. She also talked about Love Languages and I realised that Words of Affirmation are my love language, my business network is doing a Gallop Strengths test next month and I discovered that my strengths are Empathy, Winning Others Over (Woo), Positivity, Adaptability & Belief and THEN most importantly of all, I heard someone speak about being a Highly Sensitive Person. And I realised – THAT’S ME!

So, to segue back to World Book Day, I thought I’d share my reading with you. So far I’m on page 8 book … and I’m already walking around more confident.

What the book is teaching me is that being highly sensitive gives me superpowers. It has its drawbacks – I cry at every movie, want to take every old person home with me and feel so so awkward asking people for money! And because I’m highly attuned to what other people are feeling around me, I’m over-anxious about whether I’ve offended, and of course, I take offence in an instant!

But when I read further, I realise that I’m blessed with an ability to read people, read situations and react sensitively. And I notice things. I’m always noticing things.

I’m not a cry-baby, I’m a Superhero!‍♀️

This is me doing a power pose… xx