Too much chocolate. Too many sweets. Too many sugar highs…

Getting the right balance between healthy and fun is tricky at Easter. Manic little mentalists screaming for “MORE, MORE, MORE!” in the back of the car or worrying about them smearing chocolate dribbled faces all over grandma’s sofa is not my idea of fun.

If you’re panicking slightly about the amount of chocolate and sweets your kids are eating, I feel your pain.

My kids are 6, 4 & 3, so I’m still really new to this Easter egg malarkey, but I’ve learned a few things along the way & I feel like I’m not panicking anywhere near as much this year. Here’s my deal…

I’ve never given Easter Eggs – on the odd occasion I’ve given a mango or pineapple or sunflower seeds to nieces, nephews and godchildren, but by not giving eggs, I’ve made a bit of a statement to the Easter Bunnies out there & therefore, eggs are not given so much at Easter in our family circle.

When they get given them, I let them loose. I’ve learned the hard way that restriction creates a bigger problem. If they have free choice about how much they eat in the outset, they learn pretty quickly that too much in one go makes them feel queasy and that spreading it out over a few hours/days is more enjoyable.

I still provide healthy snacks between meals with lots of savoury foods. The chocolate is an accompaniment rather than a snack replacement. The aim of this is to keep moods as level as possible and help keep the panicking at bay if they refuse to eat a main meal.

If an adult hands eggs over furtively, I’ll stash them away for another day if there’s already loads open.

Dental health takes a big hit at this point, so taking especially good care of brushing is important. I’m learning now that adult teeth are much less forgiving than baby teeth, so a good brush twice a day is vital.

We encourage lots of sharing so that chocolate and sweets feel like a communal pleasure.

We use it as a great fuel for days out! We’re going on a muddy walk this afternoon and taking an Easter egg on the trip will certainly add to the pleasure!

Happy Easter my lovelies – I hope you have a magic one…