My three children are 6, 4 & 3 and I can assure you that there is no shortage of drama at the dinner table, but with the right approach, we’ve found that it can be very short-lived.

I have written and continue to write posts about happy vibes at tea time, but the biggest piece of advice I can give you, in a nutshell, is to bring as much fun and happiness to the table as you possibly can. It may seem impossible now, but take a few weeks or months to change the up routines and you’ll definitely feel the difference.

This may sound as appealing as a slug sandwich when you’re knackered and running short on patience, but changing the vibes at the dinner table can have a significant impact on whether kids want to return to the table the next day. That’s your main aim here, not to get them to eat, but to make teatime an enjoyable experience. Stress and drama suppress appetite, so get the vibes right first & the eating will follow eventually.

Things you can do to make the meal more chillaxed:

• lay the table together
• choose some music together
• sit down and join them to eat
• start funny conversations (see my Facebook and Instagram Stories for conversation starters)
• encourage happy conversation that doesn’t involve the food!

Even if your baby is teeny tiny, you can add some of these things into your routines to lay foundations for fun and happy mealtimes that will keep them coming back for more.