It’s taken a long time for the modest cauliflower to step out from under its coat of baked cheese and into the limelight.

Previously underappreciated, cauliflower is now the Dark Prince of Versatility. Loved by veggies, vegans, paleo fanatics & keto followers for its ability to provide low-carb bulk as well as easy rice or mash alternatives, the cauliflower is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

I have to put my hand up and admit that I’m totally guilty of only ever using cauliflower in the baked cheese variety too! But lately, I’m discovering just how handy it is to have one in the fridge to bung into a curry or whizz up for a tasty alternative to rice. I’ve noticed that it keeps really well if wrapped in a reusable mesh produce bag and the bonus is that it’s edible both raw and cooked, so it can be chopped up as a healthy snack for the tiddlers to dip with too!

I think the key to getting the cooking process right is to give it a very brief steam first and always pair it up with super strong flavours like curry.

Hannah from @thenourishedbodyuk is a multi-hyphen naturopathic nutritionist. She offers naturopathic health coaching, workshops and inspires better health through her yoga classes too. Here’s what she has to say about the humble but beloved cauliflower:

“It packs an unexpected vitamin C punch, along with both calcium and vitamin K which is great for the family’s bones and blood clotting to help the little scrapes kids tend to get. Also rich in both fibre, vitamins and nutrients including choline which is great for brain health. Cook for less than 30 minutes to avoid the bad sulphur smell!”