Food as Sensory Play

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Taking on baby-led weaning is a bit of a horror show at the start. Mess everywhere. I remember my husband coming in the back door from his garden office to find me arse-out on my hands and knees wiping up an explosion of couscous, yoghurt and defrosted berries. FLOORING After only a short, my husband … Read More

10 ways to stop a toddler throwing Food

April 3, 2019Weaning

Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Sleep….. And start again. The relentless nature of feeding young children makes it all the more frustrating when they start to enjoy chucking food. Why would they do that? How are we all supposed to react? It is possible … Read More

Meal planning and weaning

April 3, 2019Growing up with baby-led weaning, Weaning

This boy has always had the ability to charm the pants off anyone. Look at those eyes! This is our middle one. He’s almost 5 now and in Reception at school. He’s a whirlwind. He’s exhausting. Basically, we stand in the wake of his Tasmanian-devil approach to life and we love it here. It was … Read More