Don’t survive Christmas, boss it!

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It’s just about now that I start to feel the festive anxiety rise. I’ve never been particularly organised with gift purchasing and sending – I’m always the one in the Post Office queue sending things off to relatives far and wide on the 22nd December. And don’t get me started on the mess in the … Read More

Fussy Eating Meal Prep

May 8, 2019Busy life, Dinner, Food or Meals, Funny Talk, Fussy Eating, Growing up with baby-led weaning, Happy Mealtimes, Juggle struggle, Meal ideas, Meal Planning, Parenthood, People, Shopping list, Tea

“LIMES!” she squealed as she thumbed lemon wedges over the top of our dinner. We hadn’t expected that as we walked back in the room last Friday. It was as if she’d done a Little Britain-style leap up onto the table! And to be honest, it was the perfect start to the meal – once … Read More


April 2, 2019Breakfast, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Shopping list, Snack ideas, Tea

Nervous about sugar levels in the yoghurts you offer your kids? Me too. I offered my babies natural yoghurt from the very start. They had no clue other, far sweeter yoghurts existed until they experienced them at Grandparents’ houses and play dates. It was no big deal for me at that point. Like I always … Read More

Every Night is Date Night

October 11, 2018Dinner, Food or Meals, Tea

 I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m obsessed with laying the table…Well, firstly, I’m a crockery junky. I ruddy love a pretty serving bowl. So maybe that’s how this all started. But seriously, I lay the table the same way for each mealtime because it really works in a routine kind of way to … Read More

Faff Free Fajitas!

May 24, 2017Dinner, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Shopping list, Tea

Fajitas can be a quick and easy week night dinner! It really is possible. What’s more, the children love this kind of construction meal where they can build a wrap of their choice. If you’re battling with a fussy eater, this is definitely a meal you can sit back, relax and watch them enjoy.

All hail the traybake!

May 18, 2017Dinner, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Tea

There’s homework to do, laundry to put away, swimming kit to get ready, and grumpy grumpy tiny people who need your undivided attention otherwise they’ll riot and start trashing the kitchen (insert your latest toddler anarchy anecdote here) … but there’ll also be hell to pay if you can ‘t get some sort of tea on the … Read More