Juggle Struggle

May 8, 2019Busy life, Juggle struggle, Parenthood, People, Sleep

I’m out out. I left a whirlwind behind me. I did make (& photograph) these meatballs, but I do feel a bit guilty for leaving such a mess in the kitchen/house for my husband to tidy up. I’m not sure I’d be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot… But it can … Read More

Sleep Tactics

April 3, 2019Sleep

My bloody husband is amazing at sleep. He could fall asleep ANYWHERE. I really mean it. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. I’m so bloody jealous. I’m the opposite. Struggle to fall asleep, struggle to get back to sleep, struggle with sleep in general. It’s true that parenting tests your teamwork. Thankfully my melatonin-soaked life lobster agreed to do … Read More