Don’t survive Christmas, boss it!

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It’s just about now that I start to feel the festive anxiety rise. I’ve never been particularly organised with gift purchasing and sending – I’m always the one in the Post Office queue sending things off to relatives far and wide on the 22nd December. And don’t get me started on the mess in the … Read More

Ten Ways to Inject New Recipes into the Family Repertoire

November 4, 2019Busy life, Dinner, Food or Meals, Fussy Eating, Happy Mealtimes, Juggle struggle, Meal ideas, Meal Planning, Parenthood, People

Even the most exotic dish can become mundane if repeated every other Tuesday ad infinitum. But it’s easily done: kids have a reputation for enjoying the same old familiar favourites. Experience tells you that they’ll kick up a stink if you attempt something new, so it’s hardly surprising that you’ve fallen deep into a rut … Read More

Fussy Eating Meal Prep

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“LIMES!” she squealed as she thumbed lemon wedges over the top of our dinner. We hadn’t expected that as we walked back in the room last Friday. It was as if she’d done a Little Britain-style leap up onto the table! And to be honest, it was the perfect start to the meal – once … Read More

Juggle Struggle

May 8, 2019Busy life, Juggle struggle, Parenthood, People, Sleep

I’m out out. I left a whirlwind behind me. I did make (& photograph) these meatballs, but I do feel a bit guilty for leaving such a mess in the kitchen/house for my husband to tidy up. I’m not sure I’d be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot… But it can … Read More

Encouraging Happy Mealtimes

April 3, 2019Funny Talk, Happy Mealtimes, People

“Nooooooooooo!” he screamed. “I don’t like that!” This is the standard reaction from our middle one. He’s rarely at the table at the start of a meal. He’s not one for conforming. But this meal was special. We had two cousins staying with us and I’d prepared a two-part curry with naan and poppadoms in … Read More


April 3, 2019Breakfast, Meal ideas, People, Shopping list

Aged 6, 4 & 3, our tribe of kids wake up early and boy do they wake up hungry. On occasion, we hear them all pootle downstairs and grab bananas, and sometimes they even lay the table and eat bowls of Weetabix all lead by the eldest who switches into parent mode with staggering ease. … Read More


March 7, 2019People

People who talk to me about fussy eating and weaning tend to cite confidence as a bit of an issue when it comes to parenting and decision making. My NCT Group always take the mick out of me for saying I’m not confident. As they experienced 7 years ago, I’m great with new people, happy … Read More