Ten Ways to Inject New Recipes into the Family Repertoire

November 4, 2019Busy life, Dinner, Food or Meals, Fussy Eating, Happy Mealtimes, Juggle struggle, Meal ideas, Meal Planning, Parenthood, People

Even the most exotic dish can become mundane if repeated every other Tuesday ad infinitum. But it’s easily done: kids have a reputation for enjoying the same old familiar favourites. Experience tells you that they’ll kick up a stink if you attempt something new, so it’s hardly surprising that you’ve fallen deep into a rut … Read More

Fussy Eating Meal Prep

May 8, 2019Busy life, Dinner, Food or Meals, Funny Talk, Fussy Eating, Growing up with baby-led weaning, Happy Mealtimes, Juggle struggle, Meal ideas, Meal Planning, Parenthood, People, Shopping list, Tea

“LIMES!” she squealed as she thumbed lemon wedges over the top of our dinner. We hadn’t expected that as we walked back in the room last Friday. It was as if she’d done a Little Britain-style leap up onto the table! And to be honest, it was the perfect start to the meal – once … Read More

Fussy Eating Phases

April 3, 2019Fussy Eating

There she goes. My little warrior girl, sword in hand. Never looking back. We got rid of the stroller last weekend. I was a huge landmark for us. We’ve had a travel system/stroller in the boot of our car for the last 6.5 years. I can honestly say it’s a relief. Please don’t get me … Read More

A place at the table…

February 27, 2019Fussy Eating

This table… I adore this table so much. It came into our lives Christmas five years ago after peeing on a stick for a second positive. Somehow another baby on the way warranted splashing out on a proper grown-up dining table to replace our knackered old hand-me-down. As a Christmas present to each other, we … Read More

How fussy eating is damaging our relationships

November 6, 2018Fussy Eating

Mealtimes are such a trap. I’ve been thinking a lot about fussy eating lately and the way I put my messages across to people about mealtimes. I am a huge believer in family mealtimes. Eating one meal together can really help you connect and communicate with an otherwise rowdy pack of petulant children. There is … Read More