Summer Holidays Blog Series – 1 – Snack Attack


I have an issue with garages and service stations. Sweets and plastic tut at kids’ eye level; how is any parent supposed to get through the holidays without seeming like a total meany?

Don’t get me wrong, my kids are allowed sweets and treats, but you’ll rarely find me making a purchase in response to an ear-bending from the kids. I don’t want to reward them for bugging me! And the post sugar mood crash is something I would rather side-step too!

But let’s face it, when the summer holidays are on, all bets are off and plenty of opportunities come around for ice-creams, biscuits, sweets and sugary drinks. Research shows that if you don’t allow any at all, children won’t learn how to self-regulate and will simply gorge whenever they get the chance, so allowing some in small quantities is actually better than an outright ban. Although I must admit I do try very hard to dodge sugary foods where possible, I’m a pushover when it comes to certain things; we love an ice-cream on the beach or a juice in the pub – it’s a huge part of that holiday feeling and it certainly puts a smile on all our faces!

So, once you’ve allowed some sugary treats, how do you keep the mood level?

SNACKS! SNACKS, I TELL YOU! Don’t leave the house without them, or your wallet will pay the price!

And you don’t have to fill your shopping basket with special individually-wrapped snacks just for the children either, normal everyday food with a tiny bit of preparation will make the perfect snack selection for the whole family:



Crackers – any crackers for cheese

Oat cakes

Fruit – apples, satsumas, bananas travel best & stoned fruits are ok if they aren’t too ripe

Nuts – cashew nuts are the easiest for little hands

Raisins – buy a big bag and pop some in a pot


Sandwich thins, thin bagels, mini-pittas with hummus, pure peanut butter or cream cheese

Vegetable sticks – cucumber, peppers, baby corn, carrots

Cheese cubes

Fruit – chopped grapes, kiwi

Boiled eggs – pre-peeled if that’s easier

Click here to add them to your shopping basket

For transportation, I love little Tupperware pots and an easy to carry cool bag, so watch out for special deals in your supermarket or online as this really is the season to be thrifty!

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