Food as Sensory Play

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Taking on baby-led weaning is a bit of a horror show at the start. Mess everywhere. I remember my husband coming in the back door from his garden office to find me arse-out on my hands and knees wiping up an explosion of couscous, yoghurt and defrosted berries. FLOORING After only a short, my husband … Read More

Ten easy pasta recipes

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Pasta three or four nights a week getting you down? Finding it hard to get the variety in there? Never fear, here are ten family-friendly pasta dishes you can whip up in no time. FUSSY EATER ADVICE If you have a super-fussy eater, keep one thing the same each time. It could be the type … Read More

What’s in season in October?

October 1, 2020Fussy Eating, Seasonal, Sustainable

Yep, it’s October already… You may be keen to reduce the food miles of your food by eating more local produce. And the supermarkets aren’t all that helpful at pointing it all out to you… So here’s a quick reminder of what’s in season in England in October: Figs Apples Pumpkins Squashes Cavolo Nero Kale … Read More


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When it comes to vitamin supplements for our children, are we being conned into spending money on unnecessary products that could, in fact, be harmful or are we missing a great opportunity to help them succeed in life? Mother Nature is hard on us parents in the modern age. We want our children to thrive, … Read More

Make room for the mushrooms!

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Look, I know you want to avoid a meltdown at teatime. I know it’s easier to just stick a stack of cucumber battons on the side and get the job done. But don’t forget that one of the biggest principles of overcoming fussy eating is to keep exposing the fuss-meisters to their most hated foods. … Read More

Don’t survive Christmas, boss it!

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It’s just about now that I start to feel the festive anxiety rise. I’ve never been particularly organised with gift purchasing and sending – I’m always the one in the Post Office queue sending things off to relatives far and wide on the 22nd December. And don’t get me started on the mess in the … Read More

Trips not Gifts

December 3, 2019Christmas, Gifts, Sustainable

As a follow on to Alex Beard’s clever Christmas top tip about clearing out toys throughout December to make space for new ones arriving on Christmas Day, I thought I’d continue the theme of presents and explain the ‘Trips not Gifts’ policy we have adopted over the last few years. It’s helped us combat the … Read More

Ten Ways to Inject New Recipes into the Family Repertoire

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Even the most exotic dish can become mundane if repeated every other Tuesday ad infinitum. But it’s easily done: kids have a reputation for enjoying the same old familiar favourites. Experience tells you that they’ll kick up a stink if you attempt something new, so it’s hardly surprising that you’ve fallen deep into a rut … Read More

CAMPING HACKS WITH GUEST BLOGGER SAM SWANN and a exclusive peek at two recipes from The MasterPlan!

August 14, 2019Busy life, Camping, Dinner, Food or Meals, Happy Mealtimes, Holidays, Juggle struggle, Parenthood

Summer Holidays Blog Series – 2 – Camping CAMPING HACKS WITH GUEST BLOGGER SAM SWANN and a exclusive peek at two recipes from The MasterPlan!   Camping is a bit marmite, isn’t it? I’m in the ‘love’ camp – pun intended – but even if you’re not a happy camper, there are still loads of … Read More


May 8, 2019Growing up with baby-led weaning, Parenthood

Call me lazy if you want, but I’ve always been hell-bent on getting my kids to do things for themselves. It feels right to me to encourage them to meet their own needs now that they’re older. What’s more, they have the ability. I think there’s a question in the two-year review: does your child … Read More

Fussy Eating Meal Prep

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“LIMES!” she squealed as she thumbed lemon wedges over the top of our dinner. We hadn’t expected that as we walked back in the room last Friday. It was as if she’d done a Little Britain-style leap up onto the table! And to be honest, it was the perfect start to the meal – once … Read More

Juggle Struggle

May 8, 2019Busy life, Juggle struggle, Parenthood, People, Sleep

I’m out out. I left a whirlwind behind me. I did make (& photograph) these meatballs, but I do feel a bit guilty for leaving such a mess in the kitchen/house for my husband to tidy up. I’m not sure I’d be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot… But it can … Read More


May 8, 2019Healthy Treats, Holidays, Sweets

Too much chocolate. Too many sweets. Too many sugar highs… Getting the right balance between healthy and fun is tricky at Easter. Manic little mentalists screaming for “MORE, MORE, MORE!” in the back of the car or worrying about them smearing chocolate dribbled faces all over grandma’s sofa is not my idea of fun. If … Read More

10 ways to stop a toddler throwing Food

April 3, 2019Weaning

Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Cook, eat, clean, repeat. Sleep….. And start again. The relentless nature of feeding young children makes it all the more frustrating when they start to enjoy chucking food. Why would they do that? How are we all supposed to react? It is possible … Read More

Meal planning and weaning

April 3, 2019Growing up with baby-led weaning, Weaning

This boy has always had the ability to charm the pants off anyone. Look at those eyes! This is our middle one. He’s almost 5 now and in Reception at school. He’s a whirlwind. He’s exhausting. Basically, we stand in the wake of his Tasmanian-devil approach to life and we love it here. It was … Read More

SALMON – Food Champions!

April 3, 2019Food Champions

Have you ever seen those incredible film clips of wild bears, jaws agog, intercepting salmon as they leap upstream? Well, let’s just imagine that’s me. Salmon’s a massive favourite of mine and I’ve been troubled by the price hike lately. In a time of tight budgets for us all, it’s impossible to add it to … Read More

Encouraging Happy Mealtimes

April 3, 2019Funny Talk, Happy Mealtimes, People

“Nooooooooooo!” he screamed. “I don’t like that!” This is the standard reaction from our middle one. He’s rarely at the table at the start of a meal. He’s not one for conforming. But this meal was special. We had two cousins staying with us and I’d prepared a two-part curry with naan and poppadoms in … Read More

EGGS – Food Champions!

April 3, 2019Food Champions, Food or Meals, Nutrition, Shopping list

When my babies were weaning, I found that there was no greater pleasure for me than watching them scoff down a scrambled egg. 🥚And only the other night, under the grips of an insomniac duvet wrestle, I started thinking about this post and what I would say about eggs. They border on the mundane. In … Read More

Fussy Eating Phases

April 3, 2019Fussy Eating

There she goes. My little warrior girl, sword in hand. Never looking back. We got rid of the stroller last weekend. I was a huge landmark for us. We’ve had a travel system/stroller in the boot of our car for the last 6.5 years. I can honestly say it’s a relief. Please don’t get me … Read More

Sleep Tactics

April 3, 2019Sleep

My bloody husband is amazing at sleep. He could fall asleep ANYWHERE. I really mean it. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. I’m so bloody jealous. I’m the opposite. Struggle to fall asleep, struggle to get back to sleep, struggle with sleep in general. It’s true that parenting tests your teamwork. Thankfully my melatonin-soaked life lobster agreed to do … Read More


April 3, 2019Breakfast, Meal ideas, People, Shopping list

Aged 6, 4 & 3, our tribe of kids wake up early and boy do they wake up hungry. On occasion, we hear them all pootle downstairs and grab bananas, and sometimes they even lay the table and eat bowls of Weetabix all lead by the eldest who switches into parent mode with staggering ease. … Read More

CAULIFLOWER – Food Champion!

April 3, 2019Food Champions, Food or Meals, Nutrition

It’s taken a long time for the modest cauliflower to step out from under its coat of baked cheese and into the limelight. Previously underappreciated, cauliflower is now the Dark Prince of Versatility. Loved by veggies, vegans, paleo fanatics & keto followers for its ability to provide low-carb bulk as well as easy rice or … Read More


April 2, 2019Breakfast, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Shopping list, Snack ideas, Tea

Nervous about sugar levels in the yoghurts you offer your kids? Me too. I offered my babies natural yoghurt from the very start. They had no clue other, far sweeter yoghurts existed until they experienced them at Grandparents’ houses and play dates. It was no big deal for me at that point. Like I always … Read More

PESTO – Food Champion!

April 2, 2019Food Champions, Meal ideas, Nutrition

New post series about the food we simply shouldn’t miss off our shopping lists! This week – PESTO! We all have a friend who’s effortlessly stylish and great in any situation. Pesto is that friend. Great in a dress up, out-out situation: sophisticated and acts like an actual grown up. Great in a pub: making … Read More


March 7, 2019People

People who talk to me about fussy eating and weaning tend to cite confidence as a bit of an issue when it comes to parenting and decision making. My NCT Group always take the mick out of me for saying I’m not confident. As they experienced 7 years ago, I’m great with new people, happy … Read More

Mood Food

March 5, 2019Snack ideas

Look at these two. My eldest and youngest having a snuggly moment over crumpets. My three children are all born inside a 3yr and 2 month window. Yes, my belly and bits did some solid work for a few years and now they’re having a well-earned rest! 90% of the time my kids are lovely … Read More

Dairy-Free Pancakes

March 5, 2019Dairy-free

This is my middle one. He’s in Reception. We keep waiting for the crazy toddler phase to pass, but with him, it’s not a phase. He’s a live wire through and through. Along with an appetite for destruction, he’s got charm. Believe me, he could win you over in a heartbeat. You’d be at his … Read More

Saving my Saturday night from meal planning

February 28, 2019Meal Planning

Ahhhh, wasn’t last weekend amazing? By complete chance, we were on the SouthBank with family drinking lager out of plastic cups as the kids made it their mission to get as filthy as humanly possible. There’s a load of kiddies’ games painted on the ground outside Royal Festival Hall & it was hard to drag … Read More

A place at the table…

February 27, 2019Fussy Eating

This table… I adore this table so much. It came into our lives Christmas five years ago after peeing on a stick for a second positive. Somehow another baby on the way warranted splashing out on a proper grown-up dining table to replace our knackered old hand-me-down. As a Christmas present to each other, we … Read More

How fussy eating is damaging our relationships

November 6, 2018Fussy Eating

Mealtimes are such a trap. I’ve been thinking a lot about fussy eating lately and the way I put my messages across to people about mealtimes. I am a huge believer in family mealtimes. Eating one meal together can really help you connect and communicate with an otherwise rowdy pack of petulant children. There is … Read More

Every Night is Date Night

October 11, 2018Dinner, Food or Meals, Tea

 I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m obsessed with laying the table…Well, firstly, I’m a crockery junky. I ruddy love a pretty serving bowl. So maybe that’s how this all started. But seriously, I lay the table the same way for each mealtime because it really works in a routine kind of way to … Read More

Faff Free Fajitas!

May 24, 2017Dinner, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Shopping list, Tea

Fajitas can be a quick and easy week night dinner! It really is possible. What’s more, the children love this kind of construction meal where they can build a wrap of their choice. If you’re battling with a fussy eater, this is definitely a meal you can sit back, relax and watch them enjoy.

All hail the traybake!

May 18, 2017Dinner, Food or Meals, Meal ideas, Tea

There’s homework to do, laundry to put away, swimming kit to get ready, and grumpy grumpy tiny people who need your undivided attention otherwise they’ll riot and start trashing the kitchen (insert your latest toddler anarchy anecdote here) … but there’ll also be hell to pay if you can ‘t get some sort of tea on the … Read More


November 30, 2016BLW, Equipment

I recommend using cutlery from the very start, but you’ll find that they don’t use them in anger until about 12m. Much like cups, I’ve always been keen to move my children on to real cutlery, so I’ve offered them reduced sized metal cutlery as soon as possible. Tommee Tippee do a great first set. … Read More

Plates, cups, bowls…

November 30, 2016BLW, Equipment

Babies fling stuff, so you don’t need these on day one. You can use your normal crockery to plate up and place food directly on their tray. You will need to buy a set further down the line though, so here are my pearls of wisdom: In my experience, children bicker over which colour plate … Read More


November 30, 2016BLW, Equipment

I remember a colleague coming round when I was feeding my eldest when he was about 14m or so. I put an open cup of milk on his tray, he picked it up carefully, took a sip and put it back down without spilling. She was flabbergasted & I was beaming with pride! Drinking from … Read More


November 30, 2016BLW, Growing up with baby-led weaning, Snack ideas

Tiddlers get grumpy if you don’t keep them fed! And when making the transition from milk to food, you’ll start to give them snacks. I recommend a 10.30am and 3pm sort of time schedule to keep the hunger grumps at bay! My dentist is quite insistent that snacks shouldn’t just be fruit, so when I … Read More

Shopping list

November 9, 2016BLW, Shopping list

white bread porridge oats Shredded Wheat Bitesize cream cheese cheddar cheese avocado cherry tomatoes cucmuber hummus pepper plain natural yoghurt (Total) fresh fruit e.g. banana, satusumas, pears, kiwis, plums fresh veg e.g. carrots, courgettes, butternut squash, sweet potato, broccoli chicken thighs good quality sausages or sausagemeat – check salt content fusilli pasta risotto rice

Lunch and snack ideas

November 9, 2016BLW, Food or Meals, Lunch ideas, Meal ideas, Snack ideas

Sandwich fingers – white bread (wholemeal is too filling) with cream cheese, cheese or hummus Breadsticks Crudites to dip into hummus or cream cheese e.g. pepper, carrot, cucumber, celery, avocado Salady items e.g. boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes cut in half Roasted veg e.g. carrot, butternut squash, courgette, sweet potato Steamed veg e.g. green beans, mange … Read More

Breakfast ideas

November 9, 2016BLW, Breakfast, Meal ideas

Shredded Wheat Bitesize briefly soaked in breastmilk/formula/whole milk Porridgeovercooked to make it easy to pick up Toast with butter, peanut butter, cream cheese etc Eggs scrambled or omelette Eggy bread Pancakes Savoury muffins


November 9, 2016BLW, Equipment

So, this is your big investment. Many people see their highchair as a piece of furniture in their house and spend lots of time and money on it, others aren’t that bothered. You will need to consider these factors: storage – does it fold away for storage or is it part of your furniture? tray – … Read More